Time Reporting and Event Execution

Do we still use SalesTrak to report time?
  • At no point should an ES ever report time in SalesTrak for a project that was assigned via 1Hub and executed on 9/29 or later.
  • The preferred method of reporting your event is through the 1Hub App – however you do not have a smart device you can go to crossmark.mvretail.com and use the Rep Portal login on the left side of the screen to submit your work. Your login credentials are the same as for the app – your 10 digit user ID (Phone Number) and the last 4 digits of your Employee ID as your PIN.
When should ES’s report time for events executed?
  • An mPlan is the 1Hub equivalent to a project. Each mPlan will contain a set of questions and/or instructions you will be asked to read and complete. Every demo will have an associated mPlan to be completed for payroll and client reporting purposes.
  • ES’s reporting of mPlan activity needs to be done on the same day an event is executed. It can be later in the day, but it must be same day.
  • NOTE: To avoid unnecessary edits and other issues, time should be reported at the end of each shift. ES’s should not pause mPlans.
How do CS’s know which events to schedule and execute?
  • Only demos that are visible in both 1Hub and the WIRE should be executed. If you see an event in one system but not the other, notify [email protected] and include details such as demo date, Club #, and demo ID.
  • NOTE: Non-performed tasks will expire on the end date.
What are the photo requirements for mPlans?
  • All Supervisor mPlans require a photo of the ES behind the cart, engaging with members. If a core demo mPlan for your ES asks for a photo, this can be skipped. Only Supervisor mPlans require picture submissions when asked.
How are time entries checked for projects reported?
  • For Club Supervisors:
  • Club Supervisors can access ES’s timesheet by going to the timesheet and selecting the ‘people cluster.’
  • The table will show all ES’s for the club and you will be able to identify who has not submitted a timesheet for a specific week.
  • Follow up immediately with any missing timesheets or discrepancies.
  • For questions call HR at 877-699-6275.
  • For Engagement Specialists:
  • To confirm timesheet submission, ESs will access their Work Log via the 1Hub app. They can then review all answers submitted against their events, including time.
  • A strong Wi-Fi connection is needed for this.
  • NOTE: To date there is no process for approvals for ES timesheets.
How do Club Supervisors and Market Managers enter time?
  • You will use a Non-Retail Timesheet. Log into CROSSMARK Okta, and the app should be on their home screen. If it is not on their home screen, they need to click the + Add Apps button on the top right, and search for it and add it to their home screen.

Supporting your ES’s

What happens if an ES does not have access to a Smart Device?
  • The preferred method of reporting your event is through the 1Hub App – however they do not have a smart device they can go to crossmark.mvretail.com and use the Rep Portal login on the left side of the screen to submit their work. The login credentials are the same as for the app – 10 digit user ID and the last 4 digits of the Employee ID as the PIN.
How do ES’s see their schedule?
  • ES’s will only be able to see their schedule through the app. Once they are logged in they can find their schedule either through the dashboard under ‘Scheduled Events,’ or through selecting ‘more’ in the bottom right of the screen and then ‘schedule.’ They will then be able to view by day each event that is scheduled to the ES.
Why is the ES not able to see any events to execute in the app?
  • To be able to execute an event, the ES must be either Staffed or Scheduled to the event – they will need to check with their Club Supervisor to make sure that they have been Staffed or Scheduled to the event they are expecting to see. If they have done that, then they should be able to see the event scheduled to them (see How do I see my schedule?). If you do not see any events, then please call 1-877-MY-XMARK (1-877-699-6275) and select Option 8 for the 1Hub Mobile support team who will help you.
The ES has entered the results for the event but made a mistake – how do they correct those responses?
  • If the ES responded incorrectly to one of the questions related to the date and/or duration of the event executed, then please call 1-877-MY-XMARK (1-877-699-6275) and select Option 1 for Field Support in order to log a change to the reported date and/or time.
What if the ES’s iPhone app continues to spin and/or they cannot login?
  • They may be using an old version of the app: make sure it’s the most up to date version or it will not work.
  • The version number should be 3.0.4 at the bottom right corner when the 1H app is opened.
  • Update in app store/smartphone updates in order to get the latest.
What if the specific ES is not assigned to correct club (not on list to assign against)?
  • In these instances, search for the ES using the above search feature and pull them in that way to assign to the event.
  • If the person has a unique name or uses a nickname, searching by EID is also an option to find them.
  • If the ES Still does not appear after searching, the ES needs to be registered. Do this by escalating the ES’s name with the correct Club Number to your Market Manager. (Market Managers ONLY-send lists to [email protected])
  • NOTE: Even if the ES does appear after searching, but is showing as an “unqualified” rep, go ahead and select them for staffing, but be sure to send their name to your MM to be assigned to the club for future assignments.
Why can’t the ES see their schedule in the Rep Portal?
  • Schedules will only be available to view ahead of time within the App. However, ES’s do have a couple of options in order to get your schedule if you do not use the app:
  • 1. Club Supervisors can use the Export CSV option at the top right of the Schedule screen – this will provide you with a file that will contain your schedule information.
  • 2. Club Supervisors can provide ES’s with their schedule.

Login Issues / Helpful Reminders

Login Reminders
  • ES login credentials for the “Rep Portal” is the 10 digit phone number that they were registered with and the last 4 digits of your Employee ID.
  • If you forget your PIN, it can be reset by clicking the “Forgot your PIN?” and following the steps within the 1Hub application.
  • A strong wifi or cellular connection is required in order for the login to work. If you see the message “Unable to complete login. Please try again later.”, then your connection is not strong enough.
  • NOTE: If the problem continues, report the issue through the “Login Trouble?” feature on the main Login page of the app.
  • You should no longer be using the ONE app. Any old Shopper Events credentials and the old application will no longer work. You must only use the new 1Hub Mobile app with your new CROSSMARK credentials.
  • Using the 1Hub Mobile app on an Android device may cause issues with the login process during the Sync – this is applicable to both personal devices and the club issued devices. If you close down the app, go to the device settings, select Apps, then select the 1Hub Mobile app followed by Storage, you should see an option to Clear Cache. Clearing Cache should correct this issue. If you still cannot login after clearing cache call Field Support at 1-877-MY-XMARK? (1-877-699-6275).

Club Supervisor FAQ

What is my login information for the Management Portal?
  • You should have received your login information from CROSSMARK.
  • Your user ID will normally be in the format of firstnamelastnameclub#, but you may have an extra digit after your last name (as you would in your normal CROSMARK email address)
  • Your password will have been provided by CROSSMARK and will be a minimum of 8 characters and will contain at least 3 of the 4 sets of criteria: Uppercase, Lowercase, Number, Special Character
What if I don’t know my login information for the Management Portal, or need to have the password reset?
  • You will need to call 1-877-MY-XMARK (1-877-699-6275) and select Option 1 for Field Support who can help provide you with your login information and with password resets.
I have my user ID and my password but I am still unable to log in to the Management Portal – what do I do?
  • You will need to call 1-877-MY-XMARK (1-877-699-6275) and select Option 8 for 1Hub Support who can walk you through the process.
How do I Staff or Schedule work to an Engagement Specialist?
  • This is done through the Planning screen on the Management Portal.
  • Go to crossmark.mvretail.com on your computer.
  • Log in with the user ID and password credentials that you were provided with by CROSSMARK.
  • Go to the Planning tab.
  • By default you will see any events due to start that day in your club – you can change to look at events for any other date by using the date field in the Filter By options.
  • Choose an event and select either the Staff or Schedule icon to then choose who you would like to Staff or Scheduled it to.
  • You should have been through your BlueVue training in order to learn how to do this.
What do I do if I cannot assign myself to CS tasks?
  • All CS’s & MM’s must be registered as a Rep in order to assign themselves to an Event.
How do I open Multiple mPlans?
  • An updated training document that lists “Supervisor” Event Action Items is available in the Events Transition Documents folder on Sharepoint.
  • NOTE: CS’s need to “pause” their mPlans in order to access multiple mPlans at the same time.
If you need 1Hub Mobile app on CMK issued device (J Phone):
  • Open “Mobile Iron” on the device, find the 3 dots at the top right of the screen and select Check In. This will download the 1Hub Mobile application. You must have a strong wifi connection for this.
My Engagement Specialist cannot see their mPlans in their schedule on the app – what do I do?
  • In order for a Specialist to be able to see their work, you must ensure that they are staffed or scheduled to an event. You do this through the Planning screen on the Management Portal which can be found at crossmark.mvretail.com . If you have done this and they still do not see the event on their app, then please call 1-877-MY-XMARK (1-877-699-6275) and select Option 8 for 1Hub Mobile Support who will be able to help you.
My Engagement Specialist cannot see their mPlans on their schedule in the Rep Portal – what do I do?
  • The Schedule tab within the Rep Portal will not display the Specialists individual schedule – that will only display through the app.
What is the difference between Staffing an event and Scheduling an event?
  • Staffing an event will allow you to select any Engagement Specialist at your location to execute the event, at any point between the start and end date of that event. Note that if you can Staff the event with more than one Specialist, but only those Staffed will be able to execute the event. Scheduling an event means that you are creating a schedule for a qualified Specialist you want to execute the event and giving them access to complete the event at any time between the Scheduled Start and End date of the project.
Why am I having to do Planning within a specific two-hour window?
  • This is a temporary scenario to help prevent all Supervisors from attempting to Staff and Schedule at the same time, which could result in performance delays.
Which events am I supposed to execute?
  • You should see two mPlans for almost all events – one with CORE at the end of the name, and the other with Supervisor at the end. As the Club Supervisor you will need to execute all of the mPlans ending with Supervisor in the name. All the CORE events should be execute by the Events Specialists.
Who should execute the Supervisor events if I am not in the club?
  • You should have a Lead Specialist who you use to cover for you in you are not present. You should make sure that any Supervisor event is staffed or scheduled to this Lead on any days that you are not there. Please be sure to remind your Lead to report 1 minute to ALL Supervisor mPlans.
How do we get access to the Webstore?
  • Supervisors should go to the link (below) and select “New Users Sign Up Here”. From there, Market Managers should email Nick Lozano – [email protected], with the CS name and Email so he can ensure they get the appropriate access.
  • http://crossmark.ctlglobalsolutions.com/signin.aspx?skinid=1


If you need additional support, please contact Crossmark at:

Phone: 1-877-MY-XMARK (1-877-699-6275)

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