Movista Launches Next-Generation Retailer-Supplier Collaboration Platform at NRF


– Movista launches retailer-supplier collaboration platform to advance visibility and labor optimization across the retail in-store worker ecosystem; significantly expanding available labor capacity and improving workforce productivity at scale

– Retailers, CPG companies, and third-party suppliers are using Movista’s advancements to mitigate labor staffing setbacks, mitigate out-of-stocks, and improve customer experience via store merchandising compliance with digital workflows between parties that enable leaner labor models

– The Platform includes alert automation, execution management, and business intelligence dashboards for a wide variety of personas and stakeholders, including store workers, store leadership, retailer merchants, merchandise operations, and the third-party suppliers

– IDC Retail Insights to co-present at NRF alongside Movista on retail workforce connectivity and collaboration


Movista Launches Next-Generation Retailer-Supplier Collaboration Platform at NRF

Bentonville, AR – January 3, 2021 – Movista, Inc. Movista, provider of leading retail workforce management and store execution software will present at NRF 2022 Conference and Expo alongside Jon Duke, Research Vice President, IDC Retail Insights. The presentation titled, Beyond Lip Service: Collaboration is the Secret Weapon for Survival is scheduled for January 17, at 4 pm ET.

Focusing on the complexity of the retail ecosystem, IDC and Movista will discuss how retailers, brands, and service providers can collaborate better to enable improved outcomes in the store. This presentation will take into account the rapid transformation the industry has experienced in recent years including the explosion of omni-channel retail.

As a Bronze sponsor of NRF 2022, Movista will welcome event attendees from January 16 through the 18 at booth #5256. Visitors will experience an elevated, interactive experience showcasing Movista’s latest retail workforce innovations in retailer-supplier collaboration and the related execution and business intelligence dashboards supporting retailers and suppliers.

At NRF 2022 Movista will demonstrate how the retail workforce and store execution platform can improve employee productivity, mitigate increased labor costs as a result of complex retail store operations, and help solve last-mile store inventory fulfillment challenges. Areas of platform functionality to be showcased include:

WIMS “Who’s in my Store”: Developed to increase retailer-supplier collaboration, WIMS is an enhancement to the Movista platform that enables 360-degree visibility to scheduled work activity across all workers in-store, whether retailer-owned or third party. With WIMS, a retailer store operator can view and collaborate with their entire pool of available labor resources. Simultaneously, WIMS enables a data-driven discussion on in-store merchandise performance between retailer merchants and supplier-partners with proof of visit frequency, visit duration, and performance outcomes. WIMS solves on-shelf availability and project compliance gaps often experienced between stores and suppliers that deter them from positive customer experience and revenue performance outcomes. Accessible within the Movista platform, WIMS delivers next-generation labor optimization by connecting owned and external workforces together and enabling leaders to capture more available labor capacity.

Alert Automation, Execution & Business Intelligence Dashboards: Movista’s WIMS enhancement to the Movista platform also features a thoughtful progression in alert automation and dashboards that satisfy the needs of a variety of personas and stakeholders engaged in the platform.

  • For store workers, work activity that is inherently serial in nature can now activate sub-tasks automation between store-owned and external workers.
  • For store leaders, work activity for all parties is viewable and actionable in the Execution Dashboard, a tool that becomes a key workflow enhancement to day-of store walks and other operational oversight tasks.
  • For retailer merchants and CPG leaders, leveraging Insights by Movista, business intelligence dashboards have been configured to enable project completion visibility and proof of performance reviews across the entire store footprint.
  • For service providers, also leveraging Insights by Movista, leaders can dissect their service level performance across multiple retailers and retail locations.

These enhancements are designed to replace out-of-date approaches such as email, phone, sticky notes, and sanitized retroactive reporting at monthly business reviews with real-time digital collaboration and intelligence between these stakeholders for true accountability.

“We cannot wait to showcase at NRF the enhancements Movista has made to enable a connected future for all retail in-store work activities. For Retailers, these advancements unlock labor capacity from pools that already service your stores and improve workforce activity optimization that will drive revenue performance and shopper satisfaction,” said Eric Wilson, Chief Customer Officer at Movista.

As the first and only retail workforce and store execution management solution to connect stores, brands, and service providers together in one workspace, Movista delivers unprecedented visibility and efficiency gains across the retail ecosystem. Visitors at Movista’s booth will gain a first-hand experience of the inventive platform.

A recording of the conference presentation will be available on the Movista Analyst Insights webpage at

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