Everything teams need to execute work in stores

Movista unifies all key retail execution functionality into one easy-to-use, mobile-first solution.

Power perfect shelves with one, unified digital work hub

Unite disconnected systems and processes to seamlessly orchestrate, validate and optimize execution in stores to increase workforce productivity and ensure products are on the right shelf, at the right time—ultimately resulting in lower costs, higher revenue, and happier employees.

Retail execution platform - file sharing

Streamlined Store Tasking and Merchandising Execution

Easily create, assign, and verify in-store or to-store work across your entire team, no matter the size. And with integrated scheduling, timekeeping, data capture, and reporting, you can measure productivity in real-time with amazing granularity.

Advanced Scheduling and Workforce Enablement

Coordinate and schedule work with your own team or external teams through our robust scheduling functionality, and gain complete confidence that assigned work is with the right person, in the right store, at the right time.

Retail execution platform - file sharing
Retail execution platform - file sharing

Sell More with Integrated Item Management and Ordering

Manage stockouts and overstocks by giving your team the power to monitor, assess, and update stock levels through mobile store audits, and easily replenish items with in-app ordering.

Comprehensive Communications Across Teams

Seamlessly communicate with dispersed teams through a comprehensive communications tool that can handle real-time read rates, high-priority notifications, and required-reading acknowledgments.

Retail execution platform - file sharing
Retail execution platform - file sharing

Validate and Measure Performance with Robust Reporting

Assess work completion, performance, and stock levels in real-time, with dynamic dashboards powered by user-submitted data.

Connect Adjacent Teams and Automate Work Across your Entire Retail Ecosystem

Multiply the effectiveness of your retail partnerships with streamlined data-sharing.

Retail execution platform - file sharing
Retail execution platform - file sharing

Optimize and Automate Operations for Maximum Efficiency

Unlock territory, route, and scheduling optimizations based on client demand, resource and time constraints, availability, skill level, and more, all powered by advanced algorithms.

Better on-shelf availability. Reduced labor costs. No more blind spots

Improved On-Shelf Availability

Empower store teams to act on OSA reports predictably and efficiently. Our mobile app guides users directly to the issue and provides up-to-date inventory status and back-stock location data for more synchronized replenishment.

Frontline teams can ensure products are available when and where customers need them. Movista’s app enables you to quickly conduct store audits and re-order items on the spot, directly through the app.

Better Workforce Productivity and Lower Costs

Access detailed time tracking and project statuses for any tasks, and better forecast estimated completion times to avoid over/under scheduling.

With all store work in a single app, you can finally eliminate disparate and costly tools for communications, tasking, scheduling, and more.

Optimized Shelf Performance

With data-driven automation and real-time analytics, retail teams can instantaneously view the performance and status of each employee, each store, and each shelf.

Instead of waiting for a report to be completed at the end of a work day, you can correct displays or reorder items in real-time, leading to fuller shelves and happier customers.


Movista easily integrates with many critical business systems, including payroll and ERP software. We designed our solution to fit within your existing technology stack to streamline work and eliminate stale data.

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“With Movista, we can tell our clients what they want to know: exactly when their items are on the shelf, when reps are in the store, how it’s being promoted… and get the results back immediately.”

“We needed a workforce management solution to instruct our team to be at the right place at the right time…The improvement we’ve seen since using the solution is significant.”

“Since implementing Movista we have gone from 66% to 98.5% on-time execution, grown our project count by 500%, and decreased management expense.”

National Supercenter Chain

“Movista enables us to offer services and solutions that we just wouldn’t have been able to before… we want to be a full solutions partner and a long-term partner for our clients and have access to do any kind of support services that our clients may need, and we didn’t have that capability before.”

“Movista makes my problems their problems, so they’re constantly bringing me solutions that help us better manage the workflow and the workforce through easy-to-use dashboards and databases.”

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Whats in store for retail teams

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