Optimize Shelf Success, at Scale

Our work optimizations streamline planning for store and field team leaders, allowing for more productive and efficient workforce deployment.

Right Store. Right Time. Right People.

Movista has the data, automation tools and expertise to optimize headcount, routes and territories, empowering data driven decisions with ease.  

Territory Optimization

Take control of your territory staffing.

We combine demand data, resource and time constraints, and other key variables to ensure all your territories are optimally staffed year-round.

Route Optimization

Don’t leave route efficiency to chance.

If your team travels to multiple stores, our mapping algorithms can plan the most efficient routes to minimize downtime and maximize time on the store floor.

Schedule Optimization

Assign work intelligently.

Our smart scheduling recommendations account for real-time stock levels, labor availability and workload, seasonality, and more for just-right labor scheduling.


One of the world’s leading clothing and accessory companies implemented Movista’s optimization engines to enhance central planning productivity and field execution performance.

“With Movista, we can tell our clients what they want to know: exactly when their items are on the shelf, when reps are in the store, how it’s being promoted… and get the results back immediately.”

“We needed a workforce management solution to instruct our team to be at the right place at the right time…The improvement we’ve seen since using the solution is significant.”

“Since implementing Movista we have gone from 66% to 98.5% on-time execution, grown our project count by 500%, and decreased management expense.”

“Movista makes my problems their problems, so they’re constantly bringing me solutions that help us better manage the workflow and the workforce through easy-to-use dashboards and databases.”


Movista retail execution and workforce management

Movista Inc. is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company created by a team of retail veterans, merchants, and innovators who believe the future of retail work is radically transparent and collaborative.
To realize that vision, we've built a platform that is transforming the execution of all work by all teams in the retail ecosystem. It's safe to say our SaaS is world-class.

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