Precise Item Management & Shelf Ordering in One Powerful App

Empower frontline teams to manage the entire lifecycle of in-store inventory right at the shelf for more synchronized inventory replenishment and enhanced on-shelf execution.

Just-Right Inventory, All the Time

Our mobile app acts as an extension of your organization’s ERP system so that frontline teams can quickly replenish shelves and help resolve inventory discrepancies on the fly, resulting in consistently better speed-to-shelf, product freshness, on-shelf availability, and promotional compliance.

Movista - retail execution dashboard

Enterprise Item Management

Manage a few hundred SKUs or multiple thousands. Automated and manual OOS alerts, store-specific item catalogs, and role-specific visibility make item management easier for organizations of any size.

Integrated Shelf Auditing

Quickly assign automated or manual shelf audits to frontline teams for just-right in-store inventory, all the time. Mobile users can quickly validate on-hand quantities and update item counts to improve inventory accuracy.

Movista - retail execution dashboard
Movista - retail execution dashboard

In-App Ordering and Returns

Empower frontline teams to process orders and returns from the same mobile solution they use to execute all other in-store work. Constantly updated on-hand and on-order numbers give mobile users the information they need to place precise and timely orders.

Unify Demand Forecasting and In-Store Execution

Through a partnership with RELEX Solutions, a leading supply chain and retail planning platform, Movista now offers retail organizations the ability to synchronize their central planning and in-store execution, allowing for:

● Real-time inventory insights with SKU and store-level granularity
● More precise order replenishment for less over/under ordering
● Less phantom inventory and greater control over shrinkage

Movista - retail execution and merchandising platform


Increase in on-shelf availability


On-time project completion rate


More time on the floor with customers


Increase in private label sales

“With Movista, we can tell our clients what they want to know: exactly when their items are on the shelf, when reps are in the store, how it’s being promoted… and get the results back immediately.”

“We needed a workforce management solution to instruct our team to be at the right place at the right time…The improvement we’ve seen since using the solution is significant.”

“Since implementing Movista we have gone from 66% to 98.5% on-time execution, grown our project count by 500%, and decreased management expense.”

National Supercenter Chain

“Movista makes my problems their problems, so they’re constantly bringing me solutions that help us better manage the workflow and the workforce through easy-to-use dashboards and databases.”

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retail execution and sales performance

A leading MSO implemented Movista to streamline tasks, improve in-store execution and increase field team efficiency. After an initial rollout, the customer was able to increase on-shelf availability, project visibility and planogram compliance rates, especially in private label products for their clients.


Movista retail execution and workforce management

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