Movista and Natural Insight: Paving the way to drive the retail future

In 2019, Natural Insight joined forces with Movista to solve some of retail’s most complex retail challenges. This move merged Natural Insight and Movista’s ecosystems, enhancing solution capabilities for all customers. Two years later and the momentum has yet to slow down. Here’s an update in case you’ve missed it.  

 Joining forces delivered instant benefits – to the solution and to customers. The growth of teams allowed more to be accomplished and more focus to be directed where planned. For example, the Customer Success team alone has expanded and now provides even more value to customers through support, training, and documentation. Leading up to the merging, the in-house Customer Support team underwent weeks of training on both platforms so on the very first day that field teams around the world signed in for work, the training was completely up to par with expectations. The calls rolled in and there wasn’t a beat missed with making sure every email and phone call received ended in a positive resolution.  

On the development side, we’ve reached an all-time high for rolling out new functionality through our agile, collaborative process. The cross collaboration between teams allowed for faster rollouts, more updates, and one stellar product roadmap. So far, we’ve released multiple new tech advancements to our solution and continuing to move forward in the same marching pace we started at. 

Some Things Remain the Same. We Succeed When Customers Do. 

Customers have always defined our story and our success. There’s no “us” without “you.” Even though that may seem like a very typical thing to say, the truth is – we live by that. We look forward to sharing exciting advancement with those we serve and couldn’t be happier to have such an awesome list of clients.  


As our promise to you, we are maintaining that drive towards a continued bright future with our product roadmap. In the coming months, announcements will be made surrounding our newest updates. Bringing you a fresh and updated user experience in over seven planned releases to assure we stay ahead of the curve while offering customers a complete all-in-one experience. From frontline workers all the way up to the C-Suite. Our focus will remain on serving our customers now and in the future as we pursue an aggressive product roadmap. 

And Many, Many, More… 

To stay updated on industry trends and insights, follow Movista on social and our blog. We look forward to sharing updates with you as we continue our relentless commitment to delivering customers value and shaping the future of retail. 

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