FMI and Movista Expand Collaboration to Drive Greater Retail Insight and Results

BENTOVILLE, Ark.March 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Movista, Inc. Field Management Ireland (FMI) is expanding its use of Movista technology to an enterprise wide retail execution platform to coordinate the work of more than 750 field representatives. FMI recognizes the broad capabilities offered by Movista, which is one of three foundational systems for FMI, along with its ERP and Business Intelligence platforms.

With the ONE by Movista platform, FMI will empower its field representatives and area managers with mobile solutions to ensure merchandising and sales work is completed on time, with quality. The platform enables workforce scheduling, tracking and management and provides managers, who would rather know, instead of wonder, visibility to what is happening in the field. Movista’s app-based solution meets the needs of modern, digitally connected partners like FMI to drive greater efficiency and accountability.

FMI’s flexibility allows them to work with various client partners, from smaller artisan retail suppliers to sizable blue chip industry leaders. “We regularly deploy over 750 field staff weekly across the entire country. Our objective is to deliver best-in-class results and forge long-term partnerships with our clients,” stated Kieran McMahon, business unit director for FMI. “We’re also extremely excited about the insight mined from the data collected in the Movista platform. It helps us work smarter while providing actionable insights to our customers which supports them winning in stores and maximizing investment efficiency.”

Eric Wilson, chief customer officer for Movista, agreed, “FMI is a well-established partner and we are grateful to work with a team that is passionate about what they do and knows their clients’ needs inside and out. The expanded relationship with FMI is a further testament to Movista’s value in the European market. It is a privilege and honor to see the Movista platform working to provide FMI with the retail solutions to power their business.”

The guiding principles of the technology upgrade for FMI are enhanced retailer support and insightful reporting to help run more efficiently and to continue to set the service bar higher for the retail clients they serve. FMI also plans to evaluate Movista’s route optimization capabilities to ensure field representatives are maximizing their time in-store and not in their cars.

About FMI

FMI, launched in 1995, is Headquartered in Dublin and supported by their Belfast office. The FMI teams deliver award-winning campaigns across many channels for several sectors, including MCG, Consumer Electronics, Drinks, DIY, Hospitality, NGO, Utility, Telco and Government. Our essential services are Sales, Merchandising, Product Demonstrations, Recruitment, Market Research & Retail Auditing along with our Customer Service Call Centre. Learn more about FMI | Field Management Ireland

About Movista

Movista is a global, retail execution and workforce management solution provider. As the world’s first and only platform solution to enable collaboration between retailers, brands, service providers and distributors, Movista streamlines work and delivers revenue gains to all retail stakeholders. Learn more at 


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