Movista Expands Integrations to Better Serve National and Global Retail Clients

Bentonville, AR – September 8, 2021 – National Assemblers Inc. has partnered with Movista, the leading retail execution and workforce management solution provider, to create an integration that streamlines operations between retailers and service providers. The integration between Movista’s workforce management and retail execution platform and Volt Systems allows in-store teams to accurately track time spent in stores and work completed through a single, mobile instance. The integration is used by the labor workforce teams of National Assemblers Inc. (NAI), who service clients such as Walmart, Meijer, Lowe’s, and other retail chains.

By using one platform, NAI can eliminate duplication of data entry and costly, manual data cleansing. As a result, their retail clients are provided with accurate information on in-store labor and a clear understanding of Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance. The integration supports Movista’s broader development focus on creating a unified retail ecosystem.

“We’re pleased to expand our integrations to provide mobile workforce management efficiencies to our shared retail customers,” said Joel Sporleder, SVP of Technology at Movista.  “With this integration, in-store workers not only work more efficiently, but the divisions managing them do as well. Now both functions experience the benefits of a single, shared, and accurate view of their performance and compliance.”

This partnership follows Movista’s recent integration with Google’s Looker, propelling the company’s focus on delivering a robust workforce management solution to serve all stakeholders in the retail value chain.

Sporleder continued, “This integration is a part of our larger strategy of creating a unified workspace for all workers, their supervisors, and, of course, the stores they go in and out of all day. We will continue to place development behind initiatives that expand our capacity to realize this broader mission.”


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