Revenue Creations Upgrades Technology for Field Teams to Deliver Exceptional Merchandising Services, Audits and Inventory and Sales Assessments to Clients 



Bentonville, AR – June 21, 2022 – Movista, Inc. Founded in 2007, Revenue Creations is one of the fastest growing merchandising companies in the U.S. The company uses a unique model to identify retail partners and then designs and implements field servicing strategies to drive increased sales and profitability based on inventory trends at those locations.   

Revenue Creations chose Movista, an enterprise-class retail execution and workforce enablement platform, to transform how its 900+ merchandisers execute in the field. Movista’s on-the-go mobile app will enable its field team to complete merchandising and audit tasks, improve execution quality and deliver audit results in real time from a mobile device.  Moreover, Movista supports Revenue Creations’ independent contractor (IC) staffing model by enabling them to deploy in-store tasks to the nearest, most-qualified ICs and automatically group tasks at the same store to facilitate a single location visit. 

“Movista is dedicated to serving Revenue Creations by adding quality, accountability and accuracy to its task management processes. Movista will provide complete mobility, giving merchandisers the freedom to accept, complete and verify work in the field—leading to higher-productivity and improved customer service,” said Eric Wilson, chief customer officer for Movista. 

With more than 800 retail locations to service, managers need a 360° view of work performed in-field. Merchandisers can now complete client audits, answer survey questions and upload work completion photos to verify tasks are completed while on location. 

“Our best-in-class merchandisers execute our clients’ vision and bring brands to life at retail. Empowering the field team with the right tools is crucial to our success and the success of our clients,” shared Joel Yoffee, Revenue Creations’ president and CEO. “Movista will help deliver on our servicing strategy. Their technology will give our clients crystal ball visibility into in-field project execution.” 


About Revenue Creations  

Revenue Creations is a U.S. retail merchandising company that solves manufacturers’ challenges in retail execution including back stock replenishment, product displays, program sets and resets, pricing and signage compliance, and quality control, among other services.  Our mission is to maximize investments and our success is measured by the increase in sales, profits and market share of each client 

About Movista  

Movista is a global leader in retail execution and workforce management solutions. At Movista, we believe the future of work is radically transparent and collaborative. As the world’s first and only SaaS platform to enable collaboration between retailers, brands, service providers and distributors, Movista is transforming the execution of all work and engagement by all teams in the retail ecosystem. Learn more at 



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Movista retail execution and workforce management

Movista Inc. is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company created by a team of retail veterans, merchants, and innovators who believe the future of retail work is radically transparent and collaborative.
To realize that vision, we've built a platform that is transforming the execution of all work by all teams in the retail ecosystem. It's safe to say our SaaS is world-class.

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