National Eyewear Brand Chooses Movista for Retail Execution


BENTONVILLE, Ark., February 21, 2023 – National brand SAV Eyewear will adopt new technology to enhance their in-store execution and unify their teams. SAV Eyewear, who has supplied and merchandised eyewear in retail stores for over thirty years, will roll out Movista’s mobile execution app to its nationwide field team, allowing for new levels of frontline visibility and efficiencies.

Like many retail teams, SAV Eyewear today relies on a combination of solutions—web-based scheduling/reporting software, emails and spreadsheets—to manage teams and execute store work. But with business expanding to over 30,000 store visits and product assortment widening to over 400 SKUs, they needed a new unified solution that could scale with their growth.

Equipped with Movista’s technology, they will now be able to consolidate their day-to-day tasks into one centralized work hub, accessible from both desktop and the ONE by Movista mobile app. Instead of switching to emails and spreadsheets, their in-store teams can efficiently complete assignments through a single user-friendly app. And managers can now plan, manage, and track their teams through one powerful dashboard.

“Switching to Movista’s mobile app is going to be a game changer for us,” said Steve Liebers, CEO of SAV Eyewear. “Our in-store teams will now be able to place orders and submit proof-of-performance on the spot through their phones, saving them time and aiding in their productivity. On top of that, we’ll have better visibility of frontline work thanks to Movista’s automations, fostering a culture of accountability that leads to better outcomes for our customers.”

In addition to more efficient field operations, Movista’s solution can facilitate higher on-shelf availability and order volumes, paving the way for new doors and greater revenue. “We’re excited to help SAV Eyewear take their retail execution to the next level,” said Eric Wilson, Chief Customer Officer at Movista. “They’ve been expanding their retail presence and performing work in stores with a limited set of tools, so now that their teams are equipped with Movista, the ceiling just got a whole lot higher.”

About SAV Eyewear 
SAV Eyewear is an international marketer of fashion reading glasses and sunglasses and has been developing eyewear programs for the retail industry for over 30 years.  They offer their partners a significant competitive advantage and point of difference by providing high quality eyewear, coupled with innovative try-on packaging and truly state-of-the-art displays.  Their retail program is fully supported by their own National dedicated service team. Learn more at

About Movista 
Movista is an enterprise-grade retail execution SaaS company that empowers store and field teams to easily orchestrate in-store work and improve on-shelf availability. We are revolutionizing the way retail teams collaborate so they can execute flawlessly in today’s dynamic store environment. Learn more at, and follow us on LinkedIn for the latest retail insights.

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