Tree of Life Canada ULC Increases Momentum in Their Field Workforce’s Digital Transformation

Bentonville, AR – September 14, 2021 – Movista, Inc. Tree of Life Canada Inc., one of the largest distributors of specialty, fresh, seafood, and natural foods, announced a new initiative to better serve its employees while increasing their clients’ revenue today. The well-respected Canadian food distributor announced a partnership with Movista, the leading retail execution and workforce management solution provider. With operations spanning the entire country, Tree of Life employs one of the largest specialty food sales forces in Canada, servicing nationally recognized brands and providing unmatched service and expertise.

“Our field teams are the living energy behind our mission to serve our clients. We have always been laser-focused on helping both our retailers and clients meet the needs of today’s consumers. We believe with the right solution in the hands of our team, we will continue to execute at a high level and grow our clients’ businesses,” said Chris Powell, Senior Vice President, Customer Development at Tree of Life.

Tree of Life will leverage the Movista platform to drive revenue growth by empowering field sales teams with tools to identify growth opportunities within retailers’ locations and act immediately. Tree of Life will leverage the full power of the workforce management solution including ordering, tasking, execution management, analytics, and reporting. The implementation of the enterprise-grade platform plays an integral role in the strategic direction of the company. This technology innovation represents a broader commitment to digital transformation and providing best-in-class employee and customer experiences.

“For more than 75 years, Tree of Life has been a trusted name within the industry. The positive reputation they hold is inspiring. We are more than honored to support their continued effort to serve their customers with the highest of standards. Together, we have the people and the technology to lead for another 75 years,” said Movista’s Chief Customer Officer, Eric Wilson.

About Tree of Life Inc.

Tree of Life Canada has been growing industry-leading brands for over 75 years and services segments of natural, organic, multicultural, specialty, and gourmet foods. Utilizing a retail sales team of over 140 individuals, with an additional 60 food service and culinary sales experts, Tree of Life Canada spans four sales offices and three distribution centers across Canada and reaches over 95% of where food is sold and served. With unparalleled category expertise as a flexible, full-service route to market, our passion for brands and for making a difference in the lives of all Canadians is at the heart of our mission of “Helping Canada Eat Well and Live Well.” Tree of Life Canada ULC is a KeHE Company. For more information, visit

About Movista

Movista is a global, cloud-based retail execution and workforce management solution, provider. As the world’s first and only platform solution to enable collaboration between retailers, brands, service providers, and distributors, Movista streamlines work and delivers revenue gains to all retail stakeholders. For more information, visit

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